Spick'n'Span Volunteer Day

Saturday 30th August 2014, 10am - 5pm

Every now and then the DBC needs a thorough going over, a burrowing into the dark corners of the building to make them shine!

On this day we will work together as a Sangha, and through mindful and mettaful practice deepen our connections with each other as we get stuck into the plentiful, small tasks that need doing around the Centre.

The day will begin with meditation and will end with Puja, with mindful bells throughout the day reminding us to be present to our experience and task, with Dharma quotes to keep us inspired, and plenty of tea breaks for biscuits and chat.

Think of it as a practice of generosity helping to keep the DBC a beautiful place for all of us to practice in.

Please let Prajnagita know if you're going to be able to come and bring along a vegetarian lunch to share.

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